Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Educational Entrepreneur

Have you seen this TED Talk by Cameron Herold on how schools should be doing much more to support students who are entrepreneurial?

It's worth the full 22 minutes. At about 2:22 Herold says:

If we can teach our kids to become we teach the ones who have science gifts to go on in science, what if we saw the ones who had entrepreneurial traits and taught them to be entrepreneurs? We could actually have all these kids spreading businesses instead of waiting for government handouts. What we do is we sit and teach our kids all the things they shouldn't do: Don't hit; don't bite; don't swear.

So here is something I came across recently:

In a middle school that implemented a 1-1 student to device program this year, there are clear restrictions placed on apps and various kinds of access. The district's IT department has made sure all the iPads are appropriately password protected for certain levels of access, that students couldn't download apps without going through proper channels, etc., etc. You know the drill.

Now let's play "You Be the Administrator": 

You see a student playing Angry Birds on his iPad. This app is forbidden. You lean on the student pretty hard to find out how he was able to download the game. Under the bright light of your interrogation, the student gives up one of his classmates who--for a tidy sum of $1--will change profile settings for any student who seeks his services.  What do you do? Your answer may depend on whether you spent the 22 minutes on Herold's video or not, but post your answers in the comments section.  The story continues next week!

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Really enjoying the blog- this was a great post and a great video.