Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creating Time

Tick. Tock. Talking with educators about their greatest challenge in school, what tops the list is not unmotivated students, disengaged parents, or a lack of money.  Those consistently make the top ten, but more often than not the number one challenge is a lack of time. I get the feeling that despite all the other issues and pressures schools face, if there were more time administrators and teachers could find solutions.  Administrators seemingly work round the clock and teachers start and end well beyond the scheduled day and students are on task bell to bell.  Yet there is no time.

Part of mastery is being given the freedom to be creative and innovative. And so a result of schools being time-starved is diminished creativity. Not only in the form of cutting art and music to make more time for literacy and numeracy instruction, but also in lessons being rushed to cover material. There is little breathing space to engage material in a way that is creative and so engaging. 

Given that students, as well as teachers and administrators, can be more creative when given the time, how can we alter the hurried pace at which we currently move? If given time enough to be more creative, we might become creative enough to find solutions to other issues--unmotivated students, disengaged parents, lack of money--that would give us more time. 

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SnyderArts said...

Great post !!!!! I can't express how easy it is to get caught up with the rigorous time restraints we put on ourselves and our students. This is something that I try to monitor fir my classes and my own personal creativity. I needed this reminder today, thanks again for sharing and the video was awesome!