Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday Musing: Re-entry

When I was teaching, I used to always ask my colleagues of these days after the holidays: How was re-entry? There can be a lot of friction and static after a week plus off. Our students and we still groggy from over eating and under waking.

I would also take my students through a groan inducing stand-up routine. "Ok. It's been over a week since we were together, so let's review a bit." I would pick up a piece of chalk. "This is chalk. This is a blackboard. I am a teacher. You are students." Picking up a pen and notebook and in turn holding each one up. "Pen. Notebook. Everybody good?" Groan.

So...how was re-entry?

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dog eared copy said...

Our re-entry was delayed. Oregon has the second least number of days in school in the county at 159 days a year (Hawaii has 158.) Yesterday a LOT of parents showed up at the schools only to discover it was another furlough day for the school system.

Hopefully though, re-entry won't be too bad. We've been doing a bit of Magic Treehouse, Snap Circuits and Palymobil Egypt playsets on break and yesterday, she was reading a reference book about leopards aloud to the dog :-/