Monday, December 6, 2010

Supporting Structure

So as I reboot the blog here is what I am thinking:

Monday Musings (thoughts about education)
News Tuesdays (commentary on something in educational news)
8 Conditions Wednesdays (highlighting one of QISA's 8 Conditions)
Research Thursdays (a piece of research and commentary)
Friday Videos (funny or thought provoking videos from around the web)

Which brings up a quote I can't remember and couldn't find about the relationship between structure/form and freedom/creativity. I believe it is by the French composer and conductor, Pierre Boulez. The general idea of the quote is that creativity emerges when one has completely mastered structure and form. One has to be firmly grounded in the framework within which one is operating in order to attain freedom. I don't mean this in the sense of paying one's dues before one can be inventive. I mean this in the sense of it is the framework that creates the possibility of interpretation, ingenuity, and invention.

If you are a teacher, you probably know this to be true from your own teaching practice. I know I am at my least creative when I try to wing it, and I am at my most creative when I have planned diligently. The 8 Conditions are like that. They are a framework. A plan for developing students' aspirations. I am hoping my little structure for the week will inspire me in similar ways. Consider this Monday's musings.

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