Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympics 2

Another thing that has caught my attention this Olympics is the web of support around the athletes.  The reflection began while I was watching curling and the announcer mentioned that the Great Britain curling team, comprised of 4 people, has a support staff of 20. Twenty! I don't know that much about curling, but there must be a lot to take care of.  The stones, the brooms, the special shoes.

For every athlete and for every team, there are parents and numerous family and friends and coaches and trainers and equipment managers and fans. Just one or a few people stand on the podium while they play the national anthem, but you have to believe that there is a chorus singing back-up somewhere out of camera range. Once again we come across the foundational conditions of Belonging and Heroes

If we are going to inspire our students to aspirational greatness, they will need the same kind of full on support structure.

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