Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bullies in the Mirror?

While we are on the topic of bullying...if you have been in and around and observing schools for as long as I have, you have probably seen school personnel and policies that try to bully students into not bullying, and disrespectfully insist that students be more respectful. Whenever I am in a school that wants to work on reducing bullying as a way of improving the Condition of Belonging, there is always an interesting moment when we are talking about the students' unwanted and aggressive behavior and I ask the question:  Is there bullying among the staff?  Murmurs of recognition and revelation.  Adult bullying may be more subtle, but no less serious an issue.  Whenever I hold up a mirror like that and the staff see in themselves something they want to change in their students, I know we can make progress.

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